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flac upload

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apparently if you delete every post in the topic the thread still remains

it was a javascript problem, disregard

game on gamer

whoops i should probably put a noscript warning

bird on skateboard

Inter.tube kinda sucks on current release versions of Firefox. I think it’s the browsers fault tbh. If you navigate away from the player page (like in a new tab for example) or your phone locks, the player starts deteriorating with small gaps of silence being introduced into the track, before it eventually just stops playing. Tested on Android 11 with latest version of Firefox

I Need to do more testing in Chrome mobile

Desktop Firefox in windows 10 has been fine

Edited by Lyra at 2020-11-02 21:54:452020-11-02 21:54
game on gamer

hmm that sucks
i’m not doing anything super fancy with the audio playback, it’s just an html audio tag
lmk if it works better in chrome

i’m also planning on supporting probably the subsonic protocol there’s a bunch of android and ios clients for it

bird on skateboard

Works as expected in Chrome. It even puts some player controls in the pull down next to all the quick settings

Perfectly fine using the browser for this one task I think

game on gamer
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