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here’s stuff i did

  • support for media buttons on keyboards
  • added player buttons. shuffle repeat etc
  • fixed album sorting hopefully
bird on skateboard
  • added track metadata editor
  • album mode will show the cover art for the first track from the album with a picture if track 1 is missing it
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  • support for untagged mp3/flac tracks, will try to guess metadata based on filename (possibly poorly)
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  • added dark mode (based on OS settings for now)
  • fixed mobile view to be less janky
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  • you can sort the tracks view of your music collection by clicking on the column headers
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  • sorting is a lot faster now
  • songs should be more easily cached
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  • added a logout button on the settings page
  • added a little news blurb on the home page
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  • your position is automatically saved when listening to tracks that are 15 mins or longer. this lets you easily resume audiobooks, podcasts, etc.
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  • switched to a new file storage service. doubled beta tester’s upload quota.
  • increased max file size to 500MB
  • on the upload page, added a button to edit metadata of successfully uploaded files
  • hopefully fixed uploads failing
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  • added support for m4a files
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  • added shortcut keys (space, [, ]) to control the player
  • added change password/email/theme on settings page
  • added a new spooky theme
  • ctrl-click tracks to mass delete
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  • you can ctrl-click multiple tracks and edit them all at once now
  • fixed an issue with uploading non-ascii filenames
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  • added some margins to the track list on wide screens
    • added a display setting to toggle this on the settings page
  • added a big ol music note to tap for ez mobile access to library
  • added a cookie notice on registration page to explain how we don’t track users
  • various minor layout tweaks
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  • lots of backend tweakage to support massive libraries. your library now loads in parts and does some fancy caching stuff. still needs some love but huge libraries won’t time out anymore
  • added a rudimentary tag system. you can add space-separated custom tags to a song on the edit window and search for them (use tag: as a prefix to search for tags only, like tag:fire, just fire will search for it too). will continue to improve and make it easier to use
  • edit screen uses your cache to suggest album titles etc from pre-existing ones
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  • made it so your browser will remember your volume settings and restore them on refresh
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  • added payment/subscription stuff
  • tweaked the layout of many pages
  • added ToS/privacy policy
  • added “more” page with extra stuff
  • clicking on the title of the currently playing track will scroll to it
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  • basic subsonic support (thread)
  • fixed uploads for files with weird metadata
  • added simple duplicate detection to the upload page
  • upload page warns you if you try to leave it while uploads are in progress
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  • more subsonic support (playlists, search, etc)
  • changed the way you select songs in the web interface. click to select, double click to play (or click the ▶️). this means you can select multiple tracks on mobile now.
    • added an option on the settings page to use the old ctrl-click to select, single click to play method
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