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desktop sync app


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hello intertubers

i made a desktop app that downloads all your songs to your computer
currently very barebones and alpha


windows: https://cdn.inter.tube/app/tubesync.exe


  1. place the exe in the folder you want to download all your music to
  2. double click it
  3. enter your inter.tube e-mail and password
  4. let in run
  5. at the end it’ll tell you how many errors happened
  6. press enter to close it
  7. you can re-run the program as much as you need. it will skip downloading songs that you’ve already successfully downloaded.

stuff not implemented yet

  • other operating systems (lmk if you need others and i’ll compile it for you)
  • support for uploading songs
  • custom folder layout (currently it’s Artist/Album/01 Title.mp3)
  • more options
  • better UI
  • sign the executable so OS doesn’t display scary warning message
  • reflect tag edits that happen from the web interface (currently songs are downloaded as-is, exactly what you uploaded)

2020-11-15 (4).png

Edited by Tiko at 2020-11-15 03:54:282020-11-15 03:54
bird on skateboard

released new version~

version 0.0.5

  • downloads hit CDN directly and put less stress on my server now ;)
    • might error out less
bird on skateboard
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